About Sue

I first got into yoga when a friend took me along to a class she went to. I was absolutely amazed by the lesson; I had been doing Pilates, but this felt so different. I felt like my body was connected, yet somehow released. It felt odd, and strange, but also really good!

I got hooked on yoga because it makes me feel great – mentally and physically. It changes the energy in my body and my head all at the same time, giving me a focus that is peaceful, mindful and connected; it makes me happy and more able to cope with life!

Before I trained as a yoga teacher, I worked for 9 years in hospitals as a respiratory physiotherapist, and later in Oncology rehabilitation. Working as a physio, I was teaching people how to move and breathe more comfortably and effectively. My knowledge of anatomy and physiology as well as my ability to notice how people use their bodies has helped to provide me with a solid foundation for teaching yoga.

I qualified as a teacher in 2008, following a 3 year Inner Yoga Trust course training with Jenny Beeken. I realised after qualifying that I will always be learning, and this is something I love about yoga. I am continually learning something new, often from the people attending my classes, and I enjoy sharing this and passing it on to all those I teach.

As well as getting inspiration from my students, I go to workshops and classes whenever I can. I have been lucky to learn from teachers such as Sophy Hoare,  Diane Long, Christine Borg,  and also Sandra Sabatini who I try and see whenever possible.

Inner Yoga Trust teacher in Farnham


Since qualifying as a teacher I have gone on to study yoga in pregnancy, yoga for people with cancer, yoga and the emotions and teenage yoga, the Inner Yoga Trust yoga Therapy Course and the Total Yoga Nidra course.