Student endorsements

Here’s some feedback from people who’ve attended my yoga classes.

“Sue’s approach to her yoga practice is inevitably linked to her background in physiotherapy. She gives her students great confidence in not only her ability to teach but most of all in their potential to learn. Classes are informed, appropriately paced, safe and full of laughter! Sue has tremendous enthusiasm and is always encouraging.”


“I went to Sue’s Yoga class to improve mobility after various activity skirmishes. She assessed my situation and came up with a very effective regime that has improved things no end. Sue is very knowledgeable about all matters Yoga and communicates in a very informal and encouraging way. Will certainly continue with Yoga, its a man’s thing too!”


“Thoughtful and responsive, Sue’s teaching approach is wonderfully sensitive to each individual, encouraging natural progression and physical confidence in a truly supportive environment.”


“I have been a student with Sue for the  past 5 years or so.  Her approach is quiet, mindful and concentrates on very small movements in the body to achieve great things over time. She teaches you to listen and watch your own body and what it needs to do and to work with it not against it.  I have tried other types of yoga before but after Sue I feel they were just a workout not a workwith.  My body has definitely changed.”


“Sue’s classes are a delight. Despite the years I’ve been going I still feel I’ve discovered something new every time I’ve attended one of her classes, it’s not just yoga, it’s great fun too. I love the attention to detail, each pose broken down and the constituent parts worked on.”


“Sue’s teaching is mindful and caring. Her comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and physiology means that you are always in safe hands. The classes are small enough to be relaxed, non-competitive and fun  –  the challenge comes from within!”


“Sue has a passion for yoga and she brings to her teaching a very particular style which is meticulous yet gentle and persuasive. Her natural curiosity concerning matters skeletal and muscular and her ability to ‘transmit the message’, as it were, rests no doubt on many factors, not least on her previous training and experience in the fields of respiratory physiotherapy and oncology rehabilitation.

Moreover, Sue demonstrates a finely tuned sensitivity towards and a care for students’ pre-existing conditions and injuries where present – an important consideration, I think. And, finally, I just wanted to add that while her classes can at times be hard work, they are nevertheless thoroughly enjoyable fun events. Altogether this adds up to a very warm recommendation from me.”


“I found it very friendly and welcoming, everyone can work at their own pace and ability.  Very useful to have correction to the postures.”


I attend Sue’s yoga classes on a one to one basis. I have learned so much about how my body works or should work. Little by little I undo some bad practices. We started with the back then the hips. Another time we covered the knees! Balance too. She helps me love my body and discover possibilities I never knew I had. I am so much more flexible than I was in my 30s. I am embracing my 60s with gusto! A massive thank you to Sue who knows before I even feel it.