Yoga for All

Develop a yoga practice to increase your strength and fitness, release tension, sleep better and feel happier. Discover how to become more mindful; noticing how you are and empowering yourself to make the changes necessary for a healthier body and mind.

My teaching style is creative and adaptive. I enjoy combining ideas to offer sessions that fit with what an individual or class needs. Working intuitively allows me to make sure everyone is comfortable and able to do what feels right for their body. It’s important to me that when you’re in my class, you can say if you need help or don’t understand. That’s why I never have more than 8 people in a session; it gives me the time and space to provide everyone with some personal attention.

Having trained and worked as a physiotherapist, I have a keen understanding of the deeply connected ways in which our bodies work. This knowledge equips me to help you work with any injuries or issues you’re experiencing in a safe and supportive way.

You’ll find that in my yoga classes, we often work in small ways to subtly change habits. By being focused and watchful, I’ll encourage you to move and change, noticing anomalies and learning how to correct them. As a result, you’ll become more aware of how your body moves, and the powerful link between body, mind and breath.

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